List of Third Parties

As part of our operations and in order to provide you with our services, we
sometimes need to share data with third parties.
This is never done with malicious intent but simply because those third
parties provide us with services we require in order to operate; such as
hosting, billing, analytics, etc.

HearthSim is not in the business of selling your personal data.
We provide the following list in order to maximize transparency.

This list, to the best of our knowledge, is accurate as of 2019-04-29.

Billing and Payments


We partner with Stripe to offer payment capabilities on our websites.


We partner with PayPal to offer “Pay using PayPal” payment capabilities on our websites.


ProfitWell provides us with data intelligence and customer behaviour around our payments systems.


The following third parties power critical parts of our infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (or “AWS”) provides all of HearthSim’s infrastructure.


Sentry provides us with crash reports for our web and desktop applications.



Google Analytics provides us with intelligence on how users use our websites, applications and videos.
We also use Google Fonts to provide custom fonts on our websites.
Finally, we also use the GSuite product suite for internal purposes.


We might choose to run ads for on Facebook and use a pixel to track their performance.


Nitropay is a platform that provides us with ads we show on our site to help us pay to keep it running.


Gleam powers the giveaways we sometimes do on Twitter.
We do not directly share data with Gleam.


Intercom powers our customer support systems.
Whenever you contact us through email, Twitter or Facebook, the resulting conversations
go through Intercom.

Network N

Network N provides targeted and relevant advertising placements on our websites, to users of our websites, to help us pay to keep them up and running so we can continue to provide services to you.


MailChimp sends out the marketing emails you might receive from us.
They ensure our emails fulfill any legal requirements and manage the associated services, such as viewing emails in your browser and unsubscribe links.

Heap Analytics

Heap Analytics provides us with intelligence on how users use our websites and applications.